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Han G. Brunner, MD, PhD

Han BrunnerHan Brunner studied medicine at the University of Groningen, and specialized in clinical genetics in Nijmegen. After his Ph.D. thesis in 1993 (title: Genetic Studies in Myotonic Dystrophy) he has initiated and conducted several research projects that use clinical genetic observations as the starting point for human molecular genetic investigations into such topics as human behaviour, skeletal development, brain development, neuromuscular disease, congenital malformations, and gonadal development and function. In 1998 he was appointed full professor and head of the department of Human Genetics at Nijmegen University Hospital. From 2004-2008 he also served as chancellor for Human Genetics, Pediatrics, and Medical Psychology at Nijmegen University Hospital. Han Brunner has served on numerous evaluation committees and scientific advisory boards including Italian Telethon (2006-present), the scientific program committee of the European Society of Human Genetics (chairman 2003-2010), and the International Congress of Human Genetics (2006 and 2011), the Dutch Foundation for Medical research NWO career grant committee (chairman 2006-2008), the 2011 review of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Cologne Center for Genomics (2008- present). He is an organizer of the European School of Medical Genetics general course in Bertinoro (Italy) together with Professors G. Romeo (Bologna), B. Wirth (Cologne) (2004-present). He received the prize of the Dutch Organisation for Research of Neuromuscular diseases, for research on myotonic dystrophy, and the Ben ter Haar prize of the Clinical Genetics Society of The Netherlands for research in the field of clinical genetics.

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