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Home News and Results Newsflash Brain Imaging Genetics summer school 2016 is approaching!

Brain Imaging Genetics summer school 2016 is approaching!

We are happy to announce that the program of our second Cognomics Summer School on Brain Imaging Genetics is almost ready! This year our 5-day course is aimed at researchers (MSc, PhD, postdocs) with a neuroimaging background, who would like to extend their understanding of genetics. Members of the ENIGMA consortium, including Prof. Barbara Franke and Dr. Alejandro Arias Vásquez (from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour), and leading international researchers Dr. Sarah Medland (QIMR Berghofer, Australia), Dr. Jason Stein (IGC, Southern California), as well as additional genetics experts, like Dr. Beate St Pourcain (University of Bristol, UK and Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Netherlands) will share their state-of-the-art knowledge. Here is our program in a nutshell:

August 8, Monday

  • Lecture 1: Basic genetics (genes, introns, exons, SNPs, etc) -> Barbara Franke
  • Practical 1: Which databases to use for info about genes and variants, what do input files for genetics programs look like, ….

August 9, Tuesday

  • Lecture 2: Genetic association, single variant analyses -> Alejandro Arias Vasquez
  • Practical 2: Wet lab – genotyping and analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms, DNA-isolation

August 10, Wednesday

  • Lecture 3: genome-wide association studies (GWAS), imputation -> Sarah Medland
  • Lecture 4: Gene-wide / gene-set analysis (VEGAS, Plink, MAGMA) -> Marieke Klein
  • Practical 3: Single variant association and GWAS analysis of brain volumes

August 11, Thursday

  • Lecture 5: Meta-analysis -> Alejandro Arias Vasquez
  • Lecture 6: Clumping, polygenic risk scores, genetic correlation -> Beate St Pourcain
  • Lecture 7: Modeling causality -> Dennis van der Meer
  • Practical 4: Clumping, LD-score regression

August 12, Friday

  • Lecture 8: Bioinformatics (eQTLs, functional analysis, PrediScan) -> Jason Stein
  • Lecture 9: Interactive session -> t.b.a.
  • Lecture 10: Association methods for rare variants -> t.b.a.
  • Lecture 11: Genes, brain and behaviour -> t.b.a.

This 5-day program will end with a closing ceremony, where a Radboud Summer School certificate will be handed out to each participant.

The early bird deadline is 1 April 2016 (10% discount), the application deadline is 15 June 2016.

For more information and application, please follow this link.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 March 2016 21:05