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Simon Fisher, PhD

Simon FisherSimon Fisher is director of the newly established Language & Genetics Department at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, research fellow at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition & Behaviour. Simon obtained his Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University, and his Human Genetics DPhil from Oxford University. From 1996-2002, as a postdoctoral researcher at the WTCHG in Oxford, he pioneered genomic investigations of neurodevelopmental disorders such as dyslexia and specific language impairment, and was co-discoverer of FOXP2, the first gene to be implicated in a speech and language disorder. From 2002-2010, Simon was a Royal Society Research Fellow running his own laboratory at the WTCHG, where he used state-of-the-art methods to uncover how language-related genes impact on brain development and function. Simon is author of >90 journal articles, with an H-index of 43. His research has a strong interdisciplinary remit, integrating data from genetics/genomics, psychology, neuroscience, developmental biology and evolutionary anthropology. Simon's awards include the Francis Crick Prize Lecture (2008) and the Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize (2009).

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