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Hans van Bokhoven, PhD

Hans van BokhovenHans van Bokhoven is head and full professor of the Unit Molecular Neurogenetics. He is an internationally renowned expert in the elucidation of genetic and epigenetic networks that are disrupted in human brain disorders such as intellectual disability, autism and neuronal migration disorders. His research is highly multidisciplinary and besides state of the art genome-wide analyses the group uses a variety of animal models (Drosophila, mouse, rat) and neurobiological approaches to get insight into the molecular and cellular pathways of normal and disrupted learning and memory. Starting with patients with a cognitive disorder, the group has contributed to the identification of more than 25 causative genes, that are further used for fundamental and translational research. He has published over 180 peer-reviewed papers, many in high-impact journals; his current H-index is 43. He has been involved in many international collaborations, including two large EU-funded consortia: EURO-MRX (FP5) and GENCODYS (FP7) of which he has been/is the coordinator.

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