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Bralten, J., Arias-Vásquez, A., Makkinje, R., Veltman, J.A., Brunner, H.G., Fernández, G., Rijpkema, M., and Franke, B. (2011). Association of the Alzheimer's gene SORL1 with hippocampal volume in young, healthy adults. American Journal of Psychiatry 168, 1083-1089.

Bralten, J., Franke, B., Arias-Vásquez, A., Heister, A., Brunner, H.G., Fernández, G., and Rijpkema, M. (2011). CR1 genotype is associated with entorhinal cortex volume in young healthy adults. Neurobiology of Aging 32, 2107-2111.

Cai, D.C., Fonteijn, H., Guadalupe, T., Zwiers, M., Wittfeld, K., Teumer, A., Hoogman, M., Arias-Vásquez, A., Yang, Y., Buitelaar, J., Fernández, G., Brunner, H.G., van Bokhoven, H., Franke, B., Hegenscheid, K., Homuth, G., Fisher, S.E., Grabe, H.J., Francks, C., Hagoort, P. (2013). A genome-wide search for quantitative trait loci affecting the cortical surface area and thickness of Heschl's gyrus. Genes, Brain, and Behavior 13, 675-685.

Chavarría-Siles I., Rijpkema M., Lips E., Arias-Vásquez A., Verhage M., Franke B., Fernández G., and Posthuma D. (2012). Genes Encoding Heterotrimeric G-proteins Are Associated with Gray Matter Volume Variations in the Medial Frontal Cortex. Cerebal cortex 23, 1025-1030.

Cousijn, H., Eissing, M., Fernández, G., Fisher, S.E., Franke, B., Zwiers, M., Harrison, P.J., Arias-Vásquez, A. (2014). No effect of schizophrenia risk genes MIR137, TCF4, and ZNF804A on macroscopic brain structure. Schizophrenia research, Epub ahead of print.

Cousijn, H., Rijpkema, M., Harteveld, A., Harrison, P.J., Fernández, G., Franke, B., and Arias-Vásquez, A. (2012). Schizophrenia risk gene ZNF804A does not influence macroscopic brain structure: an MRI study in 892 volunteers. Molecular Psychiatry 17, 1155-1157.

Everaerd, D., Gerritsen, L., Rijpkema, M., Frodl, T., van Oostrom, I., Franke, B., Fernández, G., Tendolkar, I. (2012). Sex Modulates the Interactive Effect of the Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Childhood Adversity on Hippocampal Volume. Neuropsychopharmacology 37, 1848-1855.

Franke, B., Vasquez, A.A., Veltman, J.A., Brunner, H.G., Rijpkema, M., and Fernández, G. (2010). Genetic variation in CACNA1C, a gene associated with bipolar disorder, influences brainstem rather than gray matter volume in healthy individuals. Biological Psychiatry 68, 586-588.

Gerritsen, L., Rijpkema, M., van Oostrom, I., Buitelaar, J., Franke, B., Fernández, G., and Tendolkar, I. (2011). Amygdala to hippocampal volume ratio is associated with negative memory bias in healthy subjects. Psychological Medicine 42, 335-343.

Gerritsen, L., Tendolkar, I., Franke, B., Vasquez, A.A., Kooijman, S., Buitelaar, J., Fernández, G., and Rijpkema, M. (2011). BDNF Val66Met genotype modulates the effect of childhood adversity on subgenual anterior cingulate cortex volume in healthy subjects. Molecular Psychiatry 17, 597-603.

Guadalupe, T., Willems, R.M., Zwiers, M.P., Arias Vasquez, A., Hoogman, M., Hagoort, P., Fernandez, G., Buitelaar, J., Franke, B., Fisher, S.E., Francks, C. (2014). Differences in cerebral cortical anatomy of left- and right-handers. Frontiers in Psychology, Epub.

Guadalupe, T., Zwiers, M.P., Teumer, A., Wittfeld, K., Vasquez, A.A., Hoogman, M., Hagoort, P., Fernandez, G., Buitelaar, J., Hegenscheid, K., Völzke, H., Franke, B., Fisher, S.E., Grabe, H.J., Francks, C. (2013). Measurement and genetics of human subcortical and hippocampal asymmetries in large datasets. Human Brain Mapping 35, 3277-3289.

Guadalupe, T., Zwiers, M.P., Wittfeld, K., Teumer, A., Vasquez, A.A., Hoogman, M., Hagoort, P., Fernandez, G., Buitelaar, J., van Bokhoven, H., Hegenscheid, K., Völzke, H., Franke, B., Fisher, S.E., Grabe, H.J., Francks, C. (2014). Asymmetry within and around the human planum temporale is sexually dimorphic and influenced by genes involved in steroid hormone receptor activity. Cortex, Epub ahead of print.

van der Heijden, C.D., Rijpkema, M., Arias-Vásquez, A., Hakobjan, M., Scheffer, H., Fernández, G., Franke, B., van de Warrenburg, B.P. (2013). Genetic Variation in Ataxia Gene ATXN7 Influences Cerebellar Grey Matter Volume in Healthy Adults. Cerebellum 12, 390-395.

Hoogman, M., Guadalupe, T., Zwiers, M.P., Klarenbeek, P., Francks, C., Fisher, S.E. (2014) Assessing the effects of common variation in the FOXP2 gene on human brain structure. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Epub.

Hoogman, M., Rijpkema, M., Janss, L., Brunner, H., Fernandez, G., Buitelaar, J., Franke, B., and Arias-Vásquez, A. (2012). Current self-reported symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder are associated with total brain volume in healthy adults. PLoS One 7, Epub.

Luo, X., Li, M., Huang, L., Nho, K., Deng, M., Chen, Q., Weinberger, D.R., Arias-Vásquez, A., Rijpkema, M., Mattey, V.S., Saykin, A.J., Shen, L., Fernández, G., Franke, B., Chen, J., Chen, X., Wang, J., Xiao, X., Qi, X., Xiang, K., Peng, Y., Cao, X., Li, Y., Shi, X., Gan, L., Su, B. (2012). The Interleukin 3 Gene (IL3) Contributes to Human Brain Volume Variation by Regulating Proliferation and Survival of Neural Progenitors. PloS One 7, Epub.

van Oostrom, I., Franke, B., Rijpkema, M., Gerritsen, L., Arias-Vásquez, A., Fernández, G., and Tendolkar, I. (2012). Interaction between BDNF Val66Met and childhood stressful life events is associated to affective memory bias in men but not women. Biological Psycholology 89, 214-219.

den Ouden, H.E., Daw, N.D., Fernandez, G., Elshout, J.A., Rijpkema, M., Hoogman, M., Franke, B., Cools R. (2013). Dissociable effects of dopamine and serotonin on reversal learning. Neuron 80, 1090-1100.

Rijpkema, M., Everaerd, D., van der Pol, C., Franke, B., Tendolkar, I., and Fernández, G. (2011). Normal sexual dimorphism in the human basal ganglia. Human Brain Mapping 33, 1246-1252.

Smolders, R., Rijpkema, M., Franke, B., and Fernández, G. (2012). BDNF Val66Met polymorphism interacts with sex to influence bimanual motor control in healthy humans. Brain and behavior, 2, 726-731.

Vogel, S., Gerritsen, L., van Oostrom, I., Arias-Vásquez, A., Rijpkema, M., Joëls, M., Franke, B., Tendolkar, I., Fernández, G. (2014). Linking genetic variants of the mineralocorticoid receptor and negative memory bias: interaction with prior life adversity. Psychoneuroendocrinology 40, 181-190.

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